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  • Countryside Estates now eligible-
    Minimum property value $500,000
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Commercial Farm Loans

Commercial Farm Loans
Our loan strategy: Minimum $200,000 property value with no maximum limit. Payments are monthly, semi-annually, and with special arrangements can be annually.


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We only service loans with a $200,000
minimum property value

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Getting a farm loan can be intimidating. We have what it takes to get you through the process of financing your property.

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American Ag Finance

America's Agricultural Lender

We provide commercial farm loans for:

  • farms
  • ranches
  • dairies
  • orchards
  • vineyards
  • coffee plantations
  • groves
  • citrus
  • large equestrian operations
  • other specialty agricultural operations

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Brokers are Welcome

American Ag Finance | America's Agricultural Lender Yes, we work with brokers. If you have limited experience in agriculture and are interested in originating commercial or agricultural loans - No Problem! We will be happy to assist you.

American Ag Finance wants our brokers to know they will be paid when they bring a good customer to us. We are happy to provide an agreement to insure that all fees will be approved by our brokers prior to loan closing.



We Come to You

We arrange appraiser in your vicinity that knows land values in your area.

We hire a title company in your area to do title work.

At closing you can go into a title company in your town. We send paper work there along with the funds. You go in sign the papers and get your money.

Most title companies will come to your home to close the loan if you wish.